With the advent of digital cameras and electronic media, the need to store printed images on paper has become a thing of the past. Viewing electronic photos can not boast of convenience, and to play them you need to have a special device. Photo books, with the help of which it is possible to store printed images, enjoy stable popularity.

This unique and colorful album is made to order.

Wedding Photobooks for professional photographers. To buy wedding, children's and final photo albums in Moscow,. Wedding photographer in Moscow and Europe Anton Matveev

Why do you need a photo book?

Photobook is a unique album, which is made on special equipment. Its main purpose is to place paper images. If you want to print a photo book, then contact me. When ordering a photobook you choose the scale of the pictures, background, frame order, I recommend you the format. paper type and additional options — boxes for storage, photo exhibition, printing on canvas Contact me you will receive a photo book in 12 days after confirmation of the layout. Quality photobooks accompany bright and memorable events in life. They are usually ordered after the wedding, prom, celebration or anniversary. It will be a gift for friends and colleagues. The subject and design of the printed product is chosen by the customer at his discretion. The cost of making a photobook includes the services of a designer who collects the layout and processes all the photos. The price already includes printing on photo paper, as well as hard laminated cover or leather cover. Unlike the usual album, the photobook will last much longer and will look more attractive. Such advantages can not boast of cardboard and polyethylene pages with constantly falling images. The photobook offers many possibilities for posting and editing photos. Thanks to this, the usual selection of pictures will be a full story of life.

Wedding Photobooks for professional photographers. To buy wedding, children's and final photo albums in Moscow,. Wedding photographer in Moscow and Europe Anton Matveev

How do I make a photobook?

Creating a photobook begins with the processing of photos. I am doing image processing — color and lighting correction of the images align vertically and horizontally, and crop. Then comes the stage of creating a layout based on the wishes. The design of the photobook is classic — there are no painted balls, vignettes and other «artistic» delights. I have pictures in the form of one interesting and fascinating story. Photos of small size are grouped into collages, focusing on the overall impression of the turn or page. In the professionally designed layout, you can add captions, change the options and style of design, as well as the location of photos on the page.

The layout of the photobook in the form of a jpg file with spreads will be sent to you for approval. It is customary to use innovative technologies and equipment for the production of photobooks. application of premium photo paper for better reproduction of images with rich colors, deep shades and soft halftones (guaranteed color retention for at least 200 years); using a reliable cover in the form of a 180-degree panoramic turn (pages can be flexible or solid) or a conventional book block; a choice of different options of bookends — the inner sides of the covers; large selection of packages for photo books and covers (laminated, leatherette, etc.).

High-quality and professionally made photobook causes strong emotions and you just do not want to take other books in your hands!

Wedding Photobooks for professional photographers. To buy wedding, children's and final photo albums in Moscow,. Wedding photographer in Moscow and Europe Anton Matveev

Photobook series «Crystal»

The photobook is not sold in the store, it is made exclusively individually for everyone. It captures the story in photos of the family, her family and friends. Stable popular collection «Crystal», which due to the perfectly glossy surface of acrylic glass gives the image depth and showiness. Made in solid French cover cover add a printed product presentable. You can choose from 5 shades with an attractive pearlescent sheen. To complete the harmonious image on the spine are placed wide soft bandages. You can order a photo book online by writing to me in any social network and transfer files through the cloud service. I always insist on a personal meeting.

On it I will bring you a demo photobook catalogs and design options photobooks, you live feel the fabric and skin that will be on the cover. Photobooks series «Crystal» in Yekaterinburg, you can order only from me. No more of these books does not print.

Advantages of printing a photobook I have: use of high-quality and modern equipment (XEROX Versant 2100 Press); printing and assembling in a block page by page; use of high-quality matte paper of the German brand Felix Shoeller; advice on the selection of size, paper and cover type; only Italian leather. Order affordable photo books are a unique possibility of obtaining a memory of a lifetime in unique and different format. It will be appropriate and profitable to order a book in honor of the birth of a child, graduation or honeymoon.

There’s no restriction, so there are opportunities for the realization of all their desires and fantasies to life.