Nice to meet you, my name is Anton Matveev!

I am a wedding photographer in Europe, Moscow and St. Petersburg. My goal is to capture the brightest moments rich in real emotions and make it all into a photo. My approach to shooting is to make it simple, fun and stress-free.

Every click of my camera captures individual moments, which later add up to exciting images. Through the lens and my artistic vision I try to convey a stylish and simple look at all the beauty that takes place on the wedding day. There is no hidden meaning in my photos — they are easy to see and understand. Therefore, they will undoubtedly like your children, grandmothers and mothers, causing them a warm smile. In my photos there is no command tone of the photographer who orders to newlyweds in what awkward actor’s pose it is necessary to become to receive a «creative» photo.

Instead, I creatively use natural light and composition to bring something fresh and new to each frame. Because of this photos are natural and devoid of production. I am the wedding photographer whose works are full of sincere smiles, and which will remain invaluable throughout life. How I shoot? My assistants are professional lenses and powerful equipment. I make every effort to ensure that not a single frame from the wedding shooting was not lost: duplicate flash drives, which is recording photos; after shooting, I make a backup of the data on the computer. I shoot in raw format. Why? This allows you to get ready-made photos the fastest — a few days after the holiday.

I think that any photographer should work this way, because many months of photo processing is unacceptable. I pay special attention to my appearance. Therefore, I will not appear at the celebration in shorts, t-shirt or jeans. I strive to create something beautiful and powerful, honest and genuine. What will be clear and will appeal to all. I love what I do. If you need a wedding photographer in Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg, I am happy To shoot you!

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