The best atmospheric reporting in Moscow and Russia

I know that reporting is a movie, a movie that is interesting to watch and dive into, but also I see how dry and soulless the photographers shoot it.

Let me explain that I have duplicates in the series that I give to clients. Dubbing is an integral part of shooting. But if the photographer is too lazy to remove them, putting them in the portfolio on the site. That is a bad sign. For example, five photos in a row of one plan (if it’s not a photo zone), one person, of the same event (if it’s not a key one, for example, it’s standing and shooting like birds fly, although it’s not necessary).

Team and equipment

I have a large team to shoot the most ambitious events. I trust these people, I can rely on them and get a stable and high-quality result. The equipment allows you to shoot in the largest halls, events for up to 10,000 people (with photo zones), according to the most difficult technical tasks. Short deadlines.


The cost of work at corporate events is calculated individually, based on: 

  • type of event
  • duration 
  • number of photographers 
  • Venues

Какой фотограф на мероприятие лучше?

Фотографов на мероприятие в москве очень много, как же выбрать достойного? Ответ на этот вопрос очень просто. Для начала вам надо определиться с ценой мероприятия для вас. Помните что стоимость услуг фотографа на мероприятия зависит от количества часов, опыта работа, наличия команды, сроков сдачи материала. На корпоративных мероприятиях не редкость работают от двух фотографов, потому что бывают разные задачи для каждого из них. Какой именно формат вам нужен лучше уточнить у меня по телефону или в мессенджере