Wedding photographer Moscow
Wedding photographer Moscow
Cost wedding photographer

The cost of wedding photography in Europe

According to statistics, the page with prices is the second most visited on my website. This is a very exciting issue, I understand that, so I have a very flexible system of prices that will allow us to adjust to any budget and to events of any scale. The price consists of the cost of 1 hour of work and additional services.

The cost of 1 hour of photography $ 100

The price per hour depends on the day of the week, the duration of the wedding. For example, the price of shooting on Monday/Tuesday will be different in a smaller direction from the cost on Saturday.

This price already includes

— shooting with one photographer for the agreed number of hours
 — author photo processing (brightness, contrast, color correction, toning)
 — detailed retouching of portraits
 — closed gallery on the site with all processed photos


You work alone?

Yes. I work alone at weddings of up to 100 people. If you have more guests at the wedding, complex timing or want two photographers, then for such cases I have a second photographer. Cost for the whole day — $ 310 I have a small wedding and I do not know how much to hire a photographer If you do not know exactly how much you need a photographer, it is possible to pay by the hour, the cost of one hour from $ 55 (3500 rubles).

Do you sign a contract?

Yes, I make a contract with each couple for my services. And how then to save on the wedding? To save on the wedding to hire a coordinator or organizer. It sounds strange, but it is. These experts will save your time and your money. We have been working for a long time and know what items of expenditure can be reduced without damaging the overall atmosphere and quality of services. Spending $ 300 on the organizer will save you $ 1000.

Will you share with us the contacts of good specialists?

Yes, I have a staff of trusted contractors.

You process photos so quickly, why?

The delivery time of finished products in digital form is 2 weeks. Why? Because I work, not hang out on YouTube 2 months and 30 days, and then the day before the deadline in emergency mode doing your photos. All the process of supply of photographs debugged and optimized over the years of shooting. Therefore, the term is less than 98% of photographers.

Do you take staged photos?

You have one report in your portfolio! I shoot both the report and the production. In addition to the classic European reportage shooting you will get good portraits of yourself and your loved ones. To remove a portrait is simple, to remove a good report is more difficult at times. And I can even shoot a reportage portrait! The result is an overall picture of your wedding with the most important moments. You will watch your photos as a good movie, not as a set of cards.

I don’t want to pay 3−5−10 thousand for a photographer.

It’s expensive Good. I often come across such a question. at the wedding, there is no concept of «expensive», there is the value of your memories. Presenter, cake will be forgotten, and photos and videos will stay with you. Think about how valuable this day is for you and the memories of it. Your grandchildren want to look at beautiful and atmospheric photos and cool video, and not listen to «Yes, we saved on the photographer»

What cities do you work in?

Basically I work in Moscow, if you shoot in these cities that transfer is not paid. If you shoot in another city or country, then I have a fixed price which includes the cost of transfer and accommodation. You don’T have to worry about getting me to the shooting. I do everything. Most photographers ask them to pay extra for the transfer of accommodation and meals, thereby causing you inconvenience. When you work with me I you are free from such complications

Complementary services

  • Second photographer. This is a very important option at weddings where there are more than 120 guests. From $ 500
  • Photobook. Many photographers include the book in the «package», but perhaps you do not need it. Often, the book in the «package» is made from the cheapest options. I offer a photo book separately and only from the best and durable materials. From $ 100
  • Mini-books for parents. If you want to please your parents, you can optionally order a smaller copy of your photobook. From $ 100
  • Pre-wedding shooting. Shooting before the wedding is useful to be more relaxed at the wedding and not be afraid of the camera. If you order a wedding from 10 hours free of charge. $ 200

Cost wedding photographer
Price of a wedding photographer
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Wedding photographer Anton Matveev


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