Свадебная фотосъемка в Грузии \ Wedding photography in Georgia

SQS — Анука и Денис

Фотограф \ photographer — Антон Матвеев

Организация \ organization — Keti Gabatashvili

Флористика \ floristry — Flora Flowers

Макияж \ muah — Nathalie Chumakova

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you are sitting down to plan your wedding in Tbilisi, Georgia. If so, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Anton, and I’m a destination wedding photographer. I want to hear your story.

I photograph weddings because I truly believe in marriage, and I think it is one of the most incredible adventures two people can participate in. These stories matter, and that’s why I photograph weddings around the world. Love is a beautiful and integral part of our humanity. Marriage is a big deal, and I hope my photographs will be a testament to something greater than themselves. Life is full of beauty—even in the mundane. Daily Rituals. Awe. Fears. Hope. Weddings bring these things together into one place, and make them into one beautiful, and fluid, story — I love that.

I love photography because of the way it allows me to engage with people on such a significant journey, and that’s why I’m so excited to connect with you.


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