Wedding photography in Moscow and Europe

I base in Europe during the wedding season, but my schedule is flexible, so if you plan a photoshoot in one of this locations or somewhere nearby, please contact me about availability.

When I first started doing wedding photography, and it was almost 10 years ago, I thought for a long time about where to hold a wedding photo shoot, Moscow is a big city, but it is very difficult to find a decent and untried place. Every day the city changed and in the place where you rented a week ago, today is a new restaurant, construction, hotel shopping center. For the photographer it is important to be able to shoot in the most uncomplicated locations, the top is to make a wedding walk in one place. Newlyweds ask me where to make a wedding photo shoot in Moscow, I call one or two locations, where in my opinion will be most convenient, based on many factors (registry office registration time, weather). As a result, we almost always choose one place, but we take pictures not only there, but in its surroundings.

Wedding photo shoot in Moscow city has recently lost its relevance among my clients, for reasons of remoteness from the venue of the celebration, on Friday and Saturday there is a queue of couples and the most important criterion — a strong wind that will kill the hair, and a huge number of people who interfere with the process. If the photo shoot will take place in the rain or bad weather, the Moscow city disappears by itself. In this case, the photo shoot is better to move from the street to the Studio or hotel.

To order a wedding photo shoot in Moscow, you just need to call me. If you have any doubts, you can meet, but I usually hold meetings at 100% conclusion of the contract, because I save your time. Last year I spend mostly meetings on Skype and sign contracts online. This saves the whole evening that you can spend with your future spouse planning a wedding or meeting with a wedding planner. Just say that inexpensive wedding photo shoot is a very bad option. Because good photos will leave you a good memory, and the budget version of the artist will show the result which can be very different from what you expect. Prices for a wedding photo in Moscow I have listed on the website to shoot in other cities and countries are not much different from those, but added the cost of transfer, accommodation. All shooting conditions are negotiable and I always go to meet their customers. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask even the most awkward questions in your opinion. Wedding photography in Europe is discussed individually, I speak English well and understand European culture.